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Cold Call Your Way To Success Discover a Simple, Yet Powerful System, Guaranteed To Work

Most people know - the first 30 seconds on the phone can make it or break it.
But do you know the # 1 reason why most people reject a cold caller straight away?
How to avoid being rejected?
How to instantly qualify prospects without even asking?
What is the sure fire way to make people listen to you?

What this report will show you

  • That you are already successful in cold calling in your everyday life
  • Give you permission to use cold calling to your business advantage
  • Show you the key skill which will determine the success of your calling - its simple and can be developed if you haven't mastered it yet

Assia Salikhova, Author, Speaker, Enterprener

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Who Else Wants to Sell More By Doing Less Using the Power of Structured Communication?

About the Author Assia Salikhova

From the Human Genome Project, to her own fashion label, to IT and Communications. Few people have a past as diverse and complex as E-ideas Limited Managing Director Assia Salikhova.

In 2004 Assia created a specialist training course "7 Keys to Successful Cold Calling" to help business people and sales professionals to improve their ability to pick up the phone and open new opportunities and ultimately close more sales. The course has proven to be a raging success and now you too can benefit from this timeless knowledge.

Since 2005 Assia is leading the development of NZ's most verified B2B database whoiswhere™.
Her passion is helping businesses of any size to succeed with B2B marketing through better understanding of targeting, smart presentation and the value of on-going communication.

What others are saying

  • To the point. Concise. Most eye  opening was "How much time do I need to reach my goal?" calculations. One of the best seminars I have been to.
    Viv d'Or from Viv d'Or Law
  • The content and style of presentation
    Jamie Houston from Honk Marketing
  • Very clear ideas and tips
    Kirsty Swan from Cartridge World
  • The clear nature of communication. The presenter has also taken the time to get an understanding of our company and current sales process.
    Mike Dunn from Ltd
  • Plenty of audience interaction, participation - very entertaining.
    Janet W., volunteer with Wellington Cancer Society Daffodil Day
  • Never felt bored - a very fast for 'hows'. Well worthwhile. Very enjoyable. It made me think!
    Deb M., volunteer with Wellington Cancer Society Daffodil Day
  • Well figured out, well structured, good handouts, good overall picture.
    Kim Chamberlain from Successful Speaking

Everything You Need to Succeed in Business

Did you know that cold calling is absolutely a necessary component for you to rise to the top in your career!

Anything else you have heard about cold calling is just plain old wrong. It’s a lie promulgated by marketers, and weak, lily-livered sales managers who are preying upon natural fears and tendencies of people to avoid discomfort.

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Cool Calling is a division of NZ leading B2B marketing implementation agency E-ideas Limited.

Cool Calling is the idea inspired by Assia Salikhova, who is successfully using this concept for over 18 years. From humble beginning of cold calling for a graphic design agency to nowdays leading a team of professionals helping NZ businesses to succeed through the power of HUMAN to HUMAN communication.

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